Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Traffic with Social Marketing has its pitfalls

I don't know about you, but I found myself spending way too much time building my farm on Facebook, and scrolling through my tweets. While social networking is all the rage, and for good reason, it is also a productivity trap.

That's one reason I am interested in a new social media course coming out in September.  I've already signed up as an affiliate with plans to promote what is being called the iSocial Academy run by Austin Walsh.  As such I've been able to take a peak inside and I am optimistic that this will help a ton of people learn how to more effectively do free and paid marketing on the social networking sites.

But what I really liked was something Austin refers to as iHit17.  This is his simple formula for spending 17 minutes a day doing all your social networking and not wasting hours on the same.

Now I already know a couple of tricks myself, so I do know its possible to automate some things, but the ability to get by with 17 minutes a day has a lot of appeal to me.

I've written about this launch on another of my blogs, at iSocial Academy.

The link is for affiliates who may be interested is signing up to promote the Academy.  It's scheduled to launch in September, so I will write here again about details when its open.

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